3D Modeling a Marbles-Holder

In a previous post (click for code), I shared an OpenScad script that allows for the creation of arbitrary tracks.  Measuring the diameter of a marble, and using points on a helix, I created a track that functions as a marbles-holder.  This is the track printed in black using an Up Box 3d printer:


And filled with marbles:marble_holder_with_marbles

Next Steps:

  • I manually selected the set of points for this track. I would like to setup the mathematical formula for a helix in order to create a smoother layout.
  • Rendering time for the tracks script is really slow. I am looking for ways of making it more efficient.
  • Creating a full pipe (not just a track) and printing it would be nice and could open the door for printer more complex 3d objects. One of the difficulties with printing pipes not allowing the printer to produce supports (because if it does, they would be very difficult to remove).

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